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Grinch party!  

The class has collectively decided to have a “Grinch party” as a reward for the good work we plan on doing in December. Each student will be asked to bring something. This information will be coming in a separate note.

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Please encourage your student to charge his or her computer each night. We simply do not have the outlets for the students to do it once they get here. Students should come to school each day with their computers fully charged.

Also, please make sure your student is prepared with his or her materials each day. This includes pencils, scissors, crayons or colored pencils, glue, and paper. It is an important life skill for our students to learn to keep up with their own supplies.

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HELP US!!!  

Has the holiday season got you looking for ways to help our class? PRHS is having a student membership drive. The class that gets 100% of students to become members gets a $50 Amazon gift card for classroom materials and a taco party! With 10 students in our class, we could EASILY get to 100%! Please go to the following website and sign your student up for the PTSA today!


Also, please consider donating a ream of white printer paper or a roll of paper towels to our classroom. Thank you!

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Night to Shine  

It's almost time!!  The Night to Shine, put on by the Tim Tebow Foundation, is a Prom Night experience centered around God's love for people ages 14 and older with special needs. This is a FREE EVENT.


The event will be February 7th at Wynlakes Golf and Country Club.


Volunteers and honored guests can register NOW by visiting

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Huntingdon College Ability Sport Network  

The Huntingdon College Ability Sport Network serves youth and young adults with physical disabilities ages 6-21 in the River Region who have a desire to participate in sport and adapted activity.  The program teaches prerequisite sport skills that will allow youth to continue lifelong participation in organized sport or physical activities.  Through participation in wheelchair basketball, sit volleyball, and bocce, participants develop the confidence, work ethic, and leadership skill learned through team sports.

If you would like more information, this is the contact information: 

(334) 833-4466

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Got Magazines????  

Do you have any old magazines or old sales flyers lying around? The students are going to be working on a few projects over the next few weeks that require informational or functional texts. They will be cut up into pieces so please don’t share anything with us that you might need back. Examples include:

  • children’s magazines
  • clothing catalogues. (but please nothing that includes underwear or swimsuits)
  • grocery store sales flyers
  • hardware store sales flyer
  • furniture store sales papers

Projects Coming!  

While I’m out the students will be completing several projects in groups. Requests will be sent home for items that (hopefully) you will already have at home. Please be on the look out for requests for items like:

•paper towel tubes
•tissue paper
•baking soda
•cardboard boxes


It’s Homecoming 2019! Homecoming week is October 7-11 and the theme is “What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been…”.

These are the Spirit Week dress up day themes:

Monday, 10/7: Hawaii –Wear a Hawaiian shirt or a lei

Tuesday, 10/8: New York or Nashville – Dress ”high fashion or western”

Wednesday, 10/9: New Orleans – wear Mardi Gras beads

Thursday, 10/10: Hollywood – dress your best!

Friday, 10/11: Pike Road – Wear Pike Road shirt or Homecoming shirt..

The Homecoming football game will be Friday night, October 11th. Please continue to check the PRHS website for more information especially as it relates to the Homecoming dance and parade.

Please remember that all dress up attire must still be within Pike Road dress code as outlined in the PRHS Code of Conduct.

Money Matters!  

Do you have questions about your child’s lunch account? Do you have questions about how to check the lunch menu? All of this information is on the Pike Road High School website: On the left side of the webpage, click on “Lunch Program” and you are automatically rerouted to a page where you can see the breakfast and lunch menus as well as check on your child’s account status.

Also, if you feel your child is going through his or her lunch funds faster than you anticipated, please talk with your child about what is and is not ok to purchase. There are a number of extra items that are available for purchase that range in price.

We Got Adopted!  

One of the blessings of being a part of Pike Road schools is the opportunity for each class to be adopted. The Pike Road Schools Adopt-A-Class program is run by a small board of very dedicated individuals who go out of their way to make sure that every class in the Pike Road school system gets additional funds.

So what does that mean for us? It means we get an additional $500 to spend during the year! This year, we were adopted by Mrs. Mona Hurston, a local real estate agent and fellow Pike Road Schools parent. We are deeply grateful to her and look forward to sharing with you how we use this great blessing!

If you or a someone you know is interested in contributing any amount to the Adopt-A-Class fund, please contact: Mona Hurston at

Welcome Back!  

I am so excited to begin this school year! I am looking forward to our returning students and am thrilled to welcome new students!  We have so many things to accomplish this year! 

Once you have received your Back To School Forms packet, please complete the forms and return them as soon as you are able.  This packet contains a supply list as well as forms, questionnaires, and other important forms for you to fill out. This information is critical so please take your time to fill them out as accurately and completely as possible.

I am excited to be on this adventure with you!

Cold and Flu Season  

As you well know, cold and flu season is upon us. We are encouraging the students to be especially diligent in handwashing and covering coughs and sneezes. We could always use extra boxes of tissues and hand sanitizer if you have any you would like to donate!

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More PE = Better Learning?  

I’ve been reading several articles lately on the importance of physical activity in young people. (This is a good and short one:  We are going to try an experiment starting this week. I have carved out about 40 minutes at the end of the day for loosely structured play time.


In addition to the physical exercise, this also gives the students important social opportunities such as resolving conflicts and cooperating. It also gives the students time to bond as a class and strengthen communication skills in a natural way.


Please send your child to school either wearing or with clothes and shoes that are suited for outdoor play. This doesn’t have to mean expressly athletic clothes – just regular “play clothes”.   While we will do our best to stay out of the mud, please remember that if you or your child would be upset about an article of clothing getting dirty, please don’t send them in it.


If you (or any family or friends) have any old kickballs, soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, or frisbees that you would be interested in donating, please send them!

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