Erica Dunwoody

RISE Special Education Teacher


Courses Taught:

AAS Math 7

AAS Math 8

AAS Math 9

AAS Math 10

AAS Math 11

AAS Math 12

AAS English Language Arts 7

AAS English Language Arts 8

AAS English Language Arts 9

 AAS English Language Arts 10

 AAS English Language Arts 11

AAS English Language Arts 12

AAS Science 7

AAS Science 8

 AAS Science 9

AAS Science 9

AAS Science 10

AAS Science 11

AAS Science 12

AAS Social Studies 7

AAS Social Studies 8

AAS Social Studies 9

AAS Social Studies 10

AAS Social Studies 11

AAS Social Studies 12

AAS Life Skills 7

AAS Life Skills  8

AAS Life Skills  9

AAS Life Skills  10 

AAS Life Skills  11 

AAS Life Skills  12

Prevocational 10

Vocational 11

Community-Based Instruction 12



Sine August 2018, I have had the joy and honor of working with students with severe disabilities at Pike Road high school.  Before that, I enjoyed working in Montgomery at Johnnie R Carr Middle School.  I served students as a resource/ inclusion teacher as well as students with severe disabilities.  


Working with young people who learn differently is my passion and my privilege.  I believe that the greatest thing I can do for my students is to teach them to be able to function independently.  Everything we do in our class is done with the singular goal of cultivating independent, kind, and hard-working young women and men.

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